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All users of batting cages and open turf understand they use the facility at their own risk.

The Zone, LLC is not liable for any personal injury or equipment damage

sustained in or around cages or turf.

All rental times include set up and clean up.

All participants must sign our athletic waiver prior to taking

to the cages, including any guests/coaches.

  1.  Batters & all minors (with the exception of slow-pitch softball adults) must wear helmets at all times.

  2.  Pitchers and coaches must properly use the L screen if there is a batter in the cage; a helmet is recommended.

  3.  Do not throw balls back at the pitching machines.

  4.  Tennis shoes or turf shoes only - No metal cleats!

  5.  Gum is very harmful to our turf; anyone found chewing gum while on the turf will be asked to leave immediately and understand that the rental fee will be forfeited.

  6.  An onsite adult/coach is required for anyone under the age of 16 entering turf or cages.

  7.  Adults are responsible for the actions of the youth in the training area.  Misconduct will result in immediate termination of privileges.  Horseplay/fooling around will not be tolerated.

  8.  All fees must be paid in full and waiver signed before an individual or group is allowed to take to the cages.

  9.  No batting practice outside of batting cages.

  10.  Do not lean or hang on netting.

  11.  No swinging bats anywhere other than inside the rented cage.

  12.  Balls are available for cage rentals and must be checked out – Balls are marked and may be counted by  The Zone staff prior to your departure.

  13.  No food or drinks inside the cages at any time.

  14.  Please take all garbage, water bottles, and personal items with you from cages when you leave.

  15.  Only adults of those who have rented the HitTrax  machine are allowed to touch/operate it or the kiosk.

  16.  CAUTION!!  Injuries could result from the use of these devices.  Users should assume the inherent risks of  batted baseballs and softballs.  If users have any questions about the use of these devices or the inherent  risks associated with the use of these devices, please contact The Zone staff immediately.

Please be aware of your surroundings!

There is a give in the batting cage nettings, so no one should walk

or stand within 5 feet of any occupied cage for his/her safety.

Batting Cage Rental Rules: Text
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