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HD Golf Winter 1 20222023 League - Registration.png

Winter 1 2022/2023 HD Golf League:
2 Player Team Scramble

2-Player Teams

8 Course Season - 12 Weeks to Play!

18 Hole Scramble Format

Cash Prizes for top 1/3 of Teams!

League starts 11/7/22

Registration open until 11/14/22

League Details & Rules:

The Zone is looking to acquire 20 teams for our Winter 1 2022/2023 HD Golf™ League. **This is an 8 week league**

Here are the official details and rules for this league:
⚪ 2-Player Teams
⚪ 18-Hole Rounds
⚪ Scramble Format,  meaning that each team will select the best SHOT after each player swings, collectively accumulating one score per hole as a result of the shots selected by the team.
⚪ There will be NO Mulligans, most courses will be played from WHITE TEES, 'auto gimmes' will be turned off, you can choose whether or not to play with the flag in or out while putting, and there will be a 6-foot gimme on each hole.
⚪ This league will be based upon a reverse point system per course, with the top place receiving the amount of points; if there is a tie, the teams tied will receive the average of the total points earned for those tied (Ie. Assuming there are 20 teams and 4 teams tie for second place, they will receive the average of 19, 18, 17, & 16 points...earning each of those three teams 17.5 points; the next team in line would then earn 15 points in this example).
⚪ There is NO HANDICAP because this league is Scramble Format.  
⚪ Golfers will have twelve (12) weeks to complete all courses, unless The Zone deems it necessary to extend it past this point.
  ➡ League/Season Dates: November 7th, 2022 through January 28th, 2023
⚪ $35 Greens & $15 Prize Pool fees per course per golfer, totaling $50 per course
(plus tax on the greens fees)
  ➡ Any golfer who has not paid for the league in full will be required to have a credit or debit card on file and will be charged upon entrance of the league, followed by each Monday thereafter, until paid in full.  We’ll require all golfers to maintain a card on file; if a tee time is scheduled and is not utilized or isn’t canceled within 18 hours of that time, The Zone will charge golfers for that time not utilized at the rate of The Zone’s current price, unless it’s able to be filled by other golfers.
  ➡ If any courses haven't been played by the end of the league, this/these team(s) will be automatically designated as last place (or tied, if multiple teams), and receive points accordingly.
  ➡ All of the $15 per course per golfer prize pool money will go toward the TOP 1/3 (approximate) of registered teams in the points standings at the end of the league (ie. Payout to 7 teams with 19-20 registered; payout to 6 teams with 16-18 registered, etc.), with exact amounts to be determined once all teams are locked into the league.  
ALL GOLFERS WILL NEED TO GO TO and register with the e-mail address listed on the league contract.  League name: The Zone Winter 1 2022/2023 HD Golf League (November 7th, 2022 - January, 28th, 2023)
⚪ Tee times will need to be set up with The Zone in person (or phone call), not on The Zone’s website.
💰 Each golfer will have the ability to practice the next course to play for only $30/round or hour ($20 for 9 holes or 30 minutes) by contacting The Zone directly to set up a tee time
(you will not be able to book this online).
⚪ Each team will need to let The Zone’s staff member on duty that they will be playing their official League round prior to doing so, receive an official League scorecard, fill it out properly, get it verified by The Zone’s staff member on duty after the round, and have each golfer and The Zone’s staff member on duty all sign the back of the card for it to be official.
⚪ Each course will have a designated ID# that will need to be entered prior to the start of that round, by pressing the "Tournaments" tab on the main screen of the HD Golf™ kiosk, followed by entering their e-mail address that is associated with their HD Golf™ account for the league.  There will be a list of the courses designated for each week, along with their ID# posted by the Golf Simulator as well.
⚪ Total points will be tallied and the Top 1/3 Winners will be announced and awarded by no later than the Sunday following the end of the league.  
⚪ If there EVER is any issue regarding the simulator "glitching", the league golfers will be required to IMMEDIATELY notify The Zone's staff member on duty to address; this will be corrected with a mulligan, if possible; if we cannot verify what happened, then the league golfer will have their option of either golfing from the point of where a drop or safe drop puts them with the strokes taken at that point, or use a mulligan with an added TWO-stroke (2) penalty - determination of verification of any "glitches" is of the sole determination of The Zone's staff member, and the final decision will be determined by Austin Ross – this will be fair and reasonable to the best of our ability to determine.
  ➡ Unfortunately, due to technology being how it is, nothing is going to be perfect.  With that being said, NO Mulligans will be given to any golfer where the ball is considered “Unplayable”, even if it looks as though it should be; keep it on the fairway and that won’t be an issue.
❌ Any unauthorized mulligans (mulligans seen on the final screen without being approached during the game by said golfer) will be charged with a THREE-stroke (3) penalty.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you have &/or for more information.
Thank you for your time and consideration!

Austin Ross & Ryan McKinney
Managers of The Zone
608.860.0704 (work)

League Courses:
   Course 1 – Troon North Monument – #7227
   Course 2 – Harbour Town – #7228
   Course 3 – Kauri Cliffs – #7229
   Course 4 – French Lick – #7230
   Course 5 – Jasper Park – #7231
   Course 6 – Wolf Creek – #7232
   Course 7 – Pebble Beach Golf Links – #7233
   Course 8 – St. Andrews Old Course – #7234

The Zone has the right to change the courses, if done so before the start of the week prior to the League Course start date, if need be.  The Zone does not take responsibility for any glitches or balls not picked up by the HD Golf™ simulator, but will do everything in their power to correct any issues within their power.

Please click on the link above to register your team today!

(608) 860-0704

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